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What Is A Social Club?

Generally it refers to a group of people or the place where they meet, usually formed around a common interest or activity.

For us that is the North Georgia mountains and the communities that call these mountains home. We believe the outdoors are best enjoyed with a group of friends. Around a fire pit. On a hike. At a camp site. Our goal is to encourage others to get out, ramble around a bit, and build friendships centered around the North Georgia mountains.

We are part adventure guides. Part amateur chefs. Part bonfire builders. Sometimes we hike. Sometimes we camp. Sometimes we take over a restaurant. Honestly, we do a little bit of everything. Depending on the event, you can expect to get training on primitive camping skills, waterfall or astral photography tips, good conversation around a fire, an engaging hike, or just a really good meal. But most importantly . . . we promise you’ll have a lot of fun with some new and old friends. Whether you are an outdoor pro or a complete beginner, our trips are easy, flexible and rooted in relationships. Our purpose is to get you outside, around like-minded folks, and doing something. That something may vary from event to event but whatever we do, you can always expect to find us outside with friends.


The North Georgia Social Club is an exclusive membership of North Georgia lovers, visitors, and locals that rewards you for visiting, exploring, eating, and shopping in the mountains that we all love. When you become a member, you get loyalty discounts from some of our favorite small businesses all across the region. These discounts are only available to NGSC members when you use your membership card. You will also get your own members-only t-shirt and sticker that recognizes you for being a part of this growing community of North Georgia enthusiasts.